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Capital Surveys follows a policy that make sure to conduct its Activities / Operations in a manner which is designed to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of all Employees, Relevant Contractors & Others, who may be affected by its work activities, and to give regard to the preservation of the environment, particularly in its operational locations. This will be achieved by minimizing workplace risks, which may give rise to accidents / injuries or occupationally related ill health. We are committed to ensuring good standards of HSE performance and we have allocated the provision of adequate resources to operate HSE as part of the overall business program.

General HSE Capital Surveys Will :
Safety - Capital Surveys Will :

Ensure its facility is designed safely, its work activities and operations are conducted in a safe manner with systematic examination and assessment of plant, equipment and procedures to minimize risks to employees, property and the community at large.

Health - Capital Surveys Will :

Conduct activities to ensure all health risks to employees, relevant contractors and others are minimized. Where occupational health risks are identified the provision of health surveillance and monitoring procedures will be initiated.

Ensure the promotion of health related issues together with a system for discussing occupational health concern.

Environment - Capital Surveys Will :

Identify the risk of pollution from any of its activities, products or services which will be either eliminated or controlled and, where practicable, meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

Reduce waste lowest practicable level and ensure the responsible disposal of waste created or received.

Reduce to minimum unnecessary use of materials, resources and energy.

Help to preserve the environment in immediate area of the organizational operations / activities.

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